with Horing Welikson Rosen & Digrugilliers, P.C. have served on advisory committees for the Community Housing Improvement Program (CHIP) and on the Advisory Board of the Apartment Law Insider, an important resource for New York landlords. The firm’s attorneys frequently lecture on landlord-tenant topics before bar associations and before the Rent Stabilization Association (RSA), a leading trade association for New York landlords.

Our attorneys have also been published extensively for their insight and knowledge with respect to the profession.

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    • New Amendments to the Rent Stabilizations Code and Recommendations, Niles C. Welikson, Randi B. Gilbert, Jillian N. Bittner (Feb. 2014)
    • Re-examining the Four-Year Rule After Roberts v. Tishman-Speyeer, Niles C. Welikson (Sept.2011)
    • Court Holds that Owners May Not Deem Leases Renewed Solely Because of a Tenant Holdover, Daniel Roskoff & Niles C. Welikson (Sept. 2010)
    • The Court's Further Erosion of the Four Year Rule, Niles C. Welikson (2010)
    – CHIP New York Journal
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    – American Law Insider
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    • Q&A: Not in Arrears (April 2013)
    • Q&A: Charging a Difficult Shareholder (March 2011)
    • Q&A: Voting Exemption (Oct. 2007)
    • Q&A: Hot Under the Collar (Sept. 2006)
    • Building Maintenance and Repair (Feb. 1998)
    – Richard T. Walsh
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    Outside Counsel - Disclosure in Special Proceedings Under CPLR 408, 12/5/95 (p. 1 col. 2), 1995
    – New York Law Journal

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