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George Washington University

Harold J. Rosenthal is a senior associate at Horing Welikson Rosen & Digrugilliers, P.C.. He has been practicing Landlord-Tenant Litigation for over nineteen years and has appeared in the main Housing Courts in all five Boroughs and Nassau and Suffolk Counties. At Horing Welikson Rosen & Digrugilliers, P.C., he was, until recently, the lead attorney for the Bronx County Housing Litigation Department, representing Landlords in Residential and Commercial litigation. Presently, he is the lead attorney for the Holdover Department.

In the Holdover Department, Harold advises clients on the law governing their particular apartment. He counsels clients on the type of Holdover proceeding which may be filed under the client’s specific facts, and advises them on the correct course of action to meet their specific goals. He then prepares the cases that are filed with the Court.

As a Litigator, he successfully represented landlords in numerous non-payment and holdover trials, and abatement hearings. He has been victorious in a wide variety of Holdover cases, including drug (red-back) related holdovers and nuisance holdover cases, as well illegal sublet cases and owner use cases. He has had positive results in representing owners in multiparty commercial cases as well as in coop-condo litigation. In particular, he has been successful in defending owners in Department of Housing Preservation and Development violation cases.

In addition to appearing in Housing Court, Harold has drafted many motions and opposition papers, as well as appellate briefs, with very favorable results. He has appeared on behalf of owners in many Article 81 hearings, discovery compliance conferences and pre-trial conferences. He is well versed in depositions and other forms of pre-trial discovery.

Before joining Horing Welikson Rosen & Digrugilliers, P.C., Harold worked as a Congressional Aid, and in the Litigation division of the Sheet Metal Workers International Association doing ERISA Litigation. Just prior to coming to Horing Welikson Rosen & Digrugilliers, P.C., Harold worked for the Housing Litigation Unit at DC 37 Municipal Employees Legal Services.

Harold is a graduate of George Washington University and New York Law School.