Real Estate Law

Horing Welikson and Rosen, P.C. maintains an active real estate practice. The firm negotiates contracts of sale and appears on behalf of our Clients at closings of title in connection with residential and commercial properties. The firm also represents Owners in connection with the preparation of commercial and residential leases. We take an affirmative approach in the negotiation and preparation process of commercial and residential leases for our Clients, ensuring that our Clients interests are both satisfied and safeguarded should a disagreement or litigation stemming from the terms and/or enforcement of the lease agreement arise. The attorneys at Horing Welikson Rosen & Digrugilliers, P.C. are readily equipped to handle our Clients’ needs with respect to:

  • Negotiation of contracts of sale for residential properties,including single-family, multi-family, cooperative and condominium residences, as well as commercial properties
  • Closings of title with regard to residential and commercial properties